If You Have Been Underpaid For Work Done Before Or After Your Scheduled Shift, Our Colorado Unpaid Work Attorneys Can Help

While it may seem obvious that employers should pay their workers for all work, employees often complete tasks before or after their scheduled shifts that they are not paid for. If a task is done before you officially begin your shift, and it is for your employer’s benefit, the employer may be required to pay you for the time spent doing that task. Both federal and Colorado law requires employers to pay their workers for various types of pre- and post-shift work. However, the analysis of whether employees should be paid for work performed before and after their scheduled shifts is fact intensive. If you believe your employer has not paid you for pre- or post-shift work, our experienced Denver Colorado pre-shift work lawyers will fight for you to recover your unpaid wages.


Your Employer May Have Underpaid You For Pre- Or Post-Shift Work

Depending on the type of pre- or post-shift work, your employer may be required under federal and Colorado law to pay you for that time, even if you have not officially begun your shift. The primary test for determining whether the work must be paid is determining whether it is for the benefit of your employer or if it is for your own personal benefit. Some common examples of types of pre- and post- shift work that your employer may be required to compensate you for are:

  • Putting on and removing required work clothes or safety gear;
  • Booting up a computer or other equipment before clocking in;
  • Attending a pre- or post-shift meeting;
  • Time spent over 1 minute clocking-in and out;
  • Security or safety screening; and
  • “Off the clock” cleaning or other duties

If you were required to do any of the above or any other work before or after your scheduled shift, your employer may have been required to pay you for that time. It can sometimes be difficult to determine if the work performed was for your employer’s benefit, so seeking professional legal representation is essential to helping protect your rights. The experienced Colorado pre-shift work lawyers at Coffman Legal have represented thousands of workers who were not compensate for pre- or post-shift work and have recovered thousands in unpaid wages for those workers. If you believe your employer has failed to fully compensate you, please contact our Denver pre-shift work attorneys today.

How Our Colorado Pre-Shift And Post-Shift Work Lawyers Can Help You

If you have performed pre- or post-shift work for your employer and you were not paid for it, our Denver Colorado unpaid pre-shift and post-shift work attorneys can help. Our employment law firm often brings these cases as large collective action cases where many workers’ claims are consolidated into one single case. If you believe your employer owes you wages for unpaid work, our Colorado unpaid pre-shift and post-shift work lawyers will examine your case and advise you on the best legal strategy moving forward. For a free and fully confidential consultation, please call 720-784-7717.

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