Colorado FLSA Attorneys Represent Groups of Workers to Recover Unpaid Wages or Overtime

Denver FLSA Collective Actions Attorneys

Federal law establishes basic wage and hour requirements that employers must follow. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is one of these laws. The FLSA requires employers to pay their workers minimum wage, follow record-keeping procedures, and comply with all overtime rules and regulations. Employers all across the country including Colorado frequently violate these FLSA requirements. Our skilled and experienced Denver Colorado FLSA collective action attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of workers in collective action claims to recover unpaid wages or overtime. Coffman Legal is committed to protecting the rights of Colorado workers and holding employers accountable. If you or your coworkers believe your employer has committed a wage and hour violation, our Colorado FLSA collective action lawyers want to represent you. Please reach out to our Denver Colorado office for a free, strictly confidential consultation.

Collective Actions Under the FLSA

The FLSA allows workers who have similar claims against an employer to bring those claims together in one class-based legal action against the employer. These claims are frequently brought by workers to recover unpaid minimum wages or overtime wages on behalf of themselves and all other workers in similar circumstances. When one employee is not receiving all the compensation they are due, it is likely that the employer is keeping wages from other workers as well. Our Denver FLSA collective action attorneys frequently represent hundreds of workers in these types of lawsuits and have successfully recovered their unpaid wages, liquidated damages, attorney’s fees, and the costs and expenses of the lawsuit from the employer.

You May Only Have a Limited Time to File Your FLSA Claim

The FLSA has strict deadlines for workers seeking to bring a collective action claim. Any collective action must be filed within two years of the alleged violations. Lawsuits filed after that two-year period may be unable to recover all compensation that is owed. Our experienced Denver Colorado FLSA collective action attorneys know how to navigate the complex requirements of the FLSA and can ensure that all aspects of your lawsuit are handled properly.

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If you feel that your employer has not been paying you a full minimum wage or overtime wages, our Denver Colorado FLSA collective action attorneys are ready to protect your rights. Under the FLSA you may be able to bring your lawsuit individually or on behalf of all the employees at your workplace who have not been properly compensated. The specific facts of your case will guide whether you should proceed individually or collectively. Our lead Colorado FLSA attorney, Matthew J.P. Coffman, has successfully represented workers in dozens of FLSA collective actions and is prepared to review the facts of your case and advise you on how to move forward. We provide free and confidential consultations to all workers; if you haven’t been receiving proper compensation, please contact our Denver FLSA collective action lawyers at 720-784-7717 as soon as possible.

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