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Employers often require prospective workers to go through a rigorous background check process before they are officially hired. Far too often these background checks have false, incomplete, or mistaken information included within them that results in an employer failing to hire an applicant. Because of the frequency of these mistakes and inaccuracies, employees and prospective employees have rights under federal and state law if an employer uses background checks when making employment decisions. Our Colorado background check lawyers are passionate advocates for your rights as an employee. If you or a loved one believe your rights were violated during a job-related background check, please contact our Denver background check attorneys today.

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Both federal and Colorado law provide protections for employees who are subjected to a background check for job-related reasons. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) provides protections for workers and strict requirements for employers during the background check process. When using a credit reporting agency to compile credit or criminal background reports, the employer must:

  1. Disclose to the worker that a consumer report has been requested for job-related purposes;
  2. Obtain authorization from the worker to obtain the report;
  3. Provide a copy of both the report and a copy of the Summary of your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act before making any employment decision based on the report; and
  4. Notify the worker of any decision based on the report and disclose which consumer reporting agency performed the background check.

Employers often fail to follow these steps when making employment decisions based on background checks. Coffman Legal is committed to holding employers accountable when they violate their duties under federal or Colorado law. If your employer or a prospective employer has failed to follow these requirements, our Denver Colorado background check lawyers are ready to fight for you today.

Our Colorado Background Check Attorneys Can Help You

If an employer or prospective employer violated your rights under the FCRA, the law provides several financial remedies that you may be entitled to. The Denver background check lawyers at Coffman Legal know how to put you in the best positions to maximize your recovery. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to recover lost wages, lost benefits, statutory damages, attorney’s fees and costs, and punitive damages.

Our lead attorney Matthew J.P. Coffman is a tireless advocate for worker rights and an experienced Colorado background check attorney. If your rights under the FCRA were violated by an employer or prospective employer, our Denver Colorado background check lawyers are ready to help. For a free and fully confidential consultation, please call 720-784-7717 as soon as possible. Our Colorado background check attorneys will evaluate your situation, explain your rights and options under the FCRA, and prepare a compelling legal argument to maximize your financial recovery. Don’t delay, call our Colorado office today!

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