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Both federal and Colorado laws protect the rights of tipped employees to receive correct compensation for their work. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) defines a tipped employee as a worker who customarily and regularly receives tips exceeding $30 a month. While it is legal for employers to pay tipped employees less than minimum wage, employers frequently go too far and violate the law by paying these employees less than their tipped wage. The Denver Colorado tipped wage attorneys at Coffman Legal have extensive experience fighting to make sure tipped employees receive all the wages they are due. If you are a tipped employee and believe you are not being paid correctly, please reach out to our Colorado tipped wage lawyers today.


Common Tipped Wage Violations

Employers frequently violate the federal and Colorado rules regulating tipped employees. Some common violations include:

  • Employers fail to provide a proper tip credit notice. Before employers can pay less than the full minimum wage, they have to provide a proper tip credit notice;
  • Employers apply an incorrect tip credit;
  • Employers fail to pay overtime wages for hours worked over 40 in a workweek;
  • Amounts in a tip pool are shared with non-tipped employees;
  • Employees are paid entirely in tips and do not receive a cash wage;
  • Overtime calculations are based on the tipped wage instead of the minimum wage; and
  • Employers take unlawful deductions from employees’ pay, resulting in the employees’ wages going below minimum wage.

All these violations are against federal and Colorado law and could result in unpaid wages, liquidated damages, and attorney’s fees. If you or a loved one believe your employer is violating minimum wage law, our Denver tipped wage attorneys will fight for you.

Colorado Tipped Wage

The tipped minimum wage allows employers to pay tipped employees less than minimum wage. Under Colorado law, the 2022 tipped minimum wage is $9.54, which is $3.02 less than the regular minimum wage. Under federal law, the tipped minimum wage is $2.13, which is $5.12 less than the regular federal minimum wage. If your employer is covered by both federal and Colorado state minimum wage laws, they must pay the higher minimum wage for tipped employees. If your wages and tips together do not equal the minimum wage, your employer must make up the difference by paying you a cash wage. Our Denver Colorado tipped wage lawyers will assist you in determining if your employer is paying you the correct wages and will advise you of your legal options if they are not.

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