Experienced Colorado Employment Retaliation Attorneys Will Protect You from Retaliation


Under both federal and Colorado labor laws, workers are protected from exercising their rights without fear or retaliation from their employer. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act both work together to provide employees with protections from employment retaliation. If you or a loved one have experienced any form of workplace retaliation, our skilled Colorado employment retaliation lawyers are standing by to provide professional legal support. Our attorneys are committed to protecting and enforcing the rights of Colorado workers and can be reached at 720-784-7717 for a free, fully confidential consultation.

Workers Have the Right to Engage in Protected Activities Without Fear of Retaliation

Federal and Colorado employment regulations protect workers from employment retaliation when they engage in protected activities. Workers who assert their right to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment cannot be retaliated against for asserting that right. Our Denver employment retaliation lawyers have tremendous experience identifying protected activities that may not be retaliated against. Some examples of protected activities that cannot be retaliated against include:

  • Filing an EEOC complaint;
  • Reporting discrimination;
  • Serving as a witness in another employee’s case;
  • Requesting an accommodation for a disability; and
  • Resisting or reporting workplace harassment

Employers Cannot Take Adverse Employment Actions Against a Worker For Engaging in Protected Activities

In order to bring a successful lawsuit for employment retaliation, a worker must be able to show that their employer took an “adverse employment action” against them in response to the worker engaging in a protected activity. This connection can often be difficult to prove, which is why it is essential that workers seek professional legal representation before bringing their claim. While adverse employment actions can come in many forms, our Colorado employment retaliation attorneys have identified several of the most common examples:

  • Loss of pay or benefits;
  • Demotion;
  • Termination;
  • Increased scrutiny of work product;
  • Workplace harassment

If you or a loved one have faced any kind of adverse employment action because you asserted your rights, please reach out to our experienced Denver Colorado employment retaliation lawyers as soon as possible.

Employers Often Disguise Retaliation with Pretextual Reasoning

Many employers are aware that employment retaliation is against the law, and yet they engage in it anyways. To avoid being sued, these employers attempt to cover their tracks by providing a false reason for the adverse employment action to avoid being held accountable in court. This is called “pretextual reasoning” and it can often be very difficult to disprove. Workers who have faced or are afraid of facing adverse employment action for engaging in a protected activity need professional legal representation on their side.

The experienced Colorado employment retaliation lawyers at Coffman Legal are committed to defending your right to engage in protected activities without fear of retaliation. Since employers often try to hide retaliation with pretextual reasoning, you may actually have a claim when you think you don’t. Our Denver Colorado employment retaliation attorneys are able to cut through the false reasons offered by employers in order to successfully sue on your behalf. To schedule a free and fully confidential consultation with our Denver employment retaliation attorneys today, please call 720-784-7717.

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