Our Colorado Severance Negotiation Attorneys Can Assist You With Severance Negotiations To Help Increase Or Extend Benefits


Negotiating a severance package after leaving a job can be a difficult, stressful, and challenging process. Oftentimes employers will rely on these feelings to prevent workers from receiving the best deal possible. Before accepting an offered severance package, it is important for employees to understand that they have the right to discuss their rights with an employment lawyer who represents their interests and may be able to negotiate for a better deal. Seeking out professional legal representation before accepting a severance package will put you in a much better position to negotiate. Our experienced Colorado severance negotiation lawyers will fight to make sure your severance agreement protects both your legal rights and your financial interests. If you have recently been offered a severance package, please contact our Denver Colorado severance negotiation attorneys today.

Severance Agreements Often Require Releasing All Legal Claims

Neither Colorado nor federal law requires employers to provide severance packages to departing employees. Despite this, many employers do offer severance pay, but this is not out of the goodness of their hearts. Many written severance agreements require employees to release any potential legal claims you may have against them, regardless of whether you know about these claims or not. By accepting a severance package, you are essentially agreeing to not file a lawsuit against your employer for wrongful termination or any other issue.

Because many severance agreements include this waiver of legal claims, consulting with an attorney is essential as you negotiate. You may have a legal claim against your employer that you are unaware of, which could put you in a better negotiating position. The Denver severance negotiation lawyers at Coffman Legal are experienced at detecting any potential legal claims you may have and leveraging those claims to receive a better severance package. Speaking with one of Colorado severance negotiation attorneys can put you in a more secure bargaining position and ensure you receive the best deal possible.

Negotiating A Better Deal

After leaving a job, employers will often pressure workers to immediately take the first severance package that they are offered by using misleading time constraints and deadlines. Employees must remember that they are not obligated to take the first severance offer from their employer. You always have the right to negotiate a severance package by consulting professional counsel such as our experienced Denver Colorado severance negotiation lawyers.

The skilled Colorado severance negotiation attorneys at Coffman Legal will fight to make sure your severance package is the best deal for you. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated deals for clients that included lump sum payments, retirement compensation, continued health insurance, outplacement assistance, and continued compensation. If you have been offered a severance package, please reach out to our Denver Colorado severance negotiation lawyers as soon as possible so we may negotiate to secure you your best deal. Please call our office at 720-784-7717 for a free and fully confidential consultation.

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