Our Experienced Colorado Minimum Wage Attorneys Make Sure Workers Are Paid Their Correct Wage

While compliance with the minimum wage may seem like a fairly straightforward concept, many employers find ways to avoid paying their workers what they are owed. Many of these methods are not immediately obvious, so consulting with professional legal counsel is essential. Our experienced Denver Colorado minimum wage lawyers know exactly what to look for to determine if your employer is failing to pay the correct wage. If you believe your employer is failing to pay the correct wage, please contact our Colorado minimum wage attorneys today.


Colorado Minimum Wage

The minimum wage may change each year in Colorado, so it is important to be aware of what the current wage is. In 2021, the minimum wage in Colorado was $12.32 while the tipped minimum wage was $9.30. In 2022, the minimum wage increased to $12.56 while the tipped minimum wage increased to $9.54. Both of these amounts are significantly higher than the federal minimum wage. Additionally, Colorado exempts certain employees from having to be paid minimum wage. Some examples include:

  • Traveling salespersons;
  • Owners or proprietors;
  • Taxi cab drivers;
  • Babysitters;
  • Student residence workers;
  • Camp counselors;
  • Volunteers; and
  • Elected officials and their staff.

If you believe that you should be paid minimum wage and are not, or if you are not sure whether your employer is required to pay you minimum wage, please contact our experienced Denver minimum wage lawyers as soon as possible.

Ways Employers Avoid Paying Minimum Wage

Violations of minimum wage laws are common in many industries, especially in hotels and restaurants. Employers may fail to properly pay minimum wage if they take incorrect tip credits, make deductions from workers’ paychecks, or misclassify a worker as being exempt from minimum wage laws. Colorado and federal law protect the rights of workers to make at least minimum wage. If you or a loved one believe your employer has failed to pay you a proper wage, you may be able to recover the unpaid wages, and additional liquidated damages, and have your attorney’s fees paid for by the other party. Our lead Colorado minimum wage lawyer, Matthew J.P. Coffman has successfully represented large classes of workers in minimum wage cases and will fight the same for you. For a free and fully confidential consultation with our Denver Colorado minimum wage attorneys, please call 720-784-7717 as soon as possible.

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